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Wasting Time

Pubblicato: 11 maggio 2011 in English Stuff
– Hi, welcome back! How you doin?
– I’m doing good, you?
– Oh, I’m busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.
– …
– … Any news?
– … No news. Same shit.
– …
– …
– Got a cigarette?
– I haven’t, I eventually gave up.
– Good. I tried to, but it’s so hard.
– I know. Hard, but not impossible.
– I saw you on TV. Mary and I got tremendously sad. How could it happen?
– Dunno. You know, life is a wheel and sometimes, suddenly, somebody put a spoke in it. You can’t do anything, even though you can take it anymore. I told ya, same shit every single day of your fucking life.
– Yeah, life sucks.
– Oh no, it doesn’t. We suck.
– …?
– Don’t you get what I mean?
– Actually I don’t.
– Well, listen up: we get what we deserve. Nothing less, nothing more.
– It sounds creepy and you’re freakin’ me out. You mean she got what she deserved, huh?
– Well, that’s the way it goes…
– Oh man, I really don’t like your attitude, what’s wrong with you?
– Nothing. well, I lost what I used to think was the most important thing in my life, apart from that, nothing.
– She was?
– I told you, we get what we deserve as she did.
– …
– …
– …
– …
– Well, gotta go now. It’s been nice to see you again. Let’s keep in touch, okay?
– Sure. Pass along my greetings to Mary.
– Okay. See ya, Buddy.
– … Idiot.